Retrieve all parcels

This API call is used to returns the list of all insured parcel informations.

Building request

This API call is made through the GET protocol with the sending of a some arguments. Authentication is required and works with the rules of HTTP basic access authentication.


This API call haven't required argument.

Entry Data type Description
limit Int Pagination limit. Default value: 100.
start Int Pagination offset start.
order_field String Ordering field. Possible values on the bottom list.
order_dir String Ordering direction. Two possible values: "asc" or "desc". Default value: "asc".
search_field String Selected field for search. Possible values on the bottom list.
search_value String Your registered parcel insurance identifier.

You can make search or ordering with the following fields :
first_name, last_name, email, company, full_address, carrier_name, carrier_code, tracking_number, country_origin, country_destination, internal_reference, currency, parcel_value, price, parcel_value_eur, price_eur, recipient_email, order_id, created_at.

Response informations

The response data contains these informations :

Entry Data type Description
type String Object type called by the API request.
id String Registered parcel insurance identifier.
first_name String Customer first name.
last_name String Customer last name.
email String Customer email address.
company String Customer company name.
full_address String Customer full address.
parcel_value Integer Total value of the order in currency cents.
price Integer Amount of insurance fees in currency cents.
currency String Currency code used for the insurance.
parcel_value_eur Integer Converted total value of the order in euro cents.
price_eur Integer Converted amount of insurance fees in euro cents.
invoice_id String Returns the related invoice number of the parcel. If isn't exist return null.
mode String Returns if registered parcel is in test mode or in production mode.
creation Datetime Creation date of the insurance order.


curl \
-u your_apiKey:your_secretKey


"response": {
"success": true,
"status": "200",
"title": "OK",
"detail": "Parcel found."
"data": {
"type": "parcel",
"id": "201905-XXXXXXXX",
"attributes": {
"first_name": "John",
"last_name": "Doe",
"email": "",
"company": "John Doe Inc.",
"full_address": "10 test road, SW1A 1AA London, UK",
"parcel_value": 8000,
"price": 500,
"currency": "gbp",
"parcel_value_eur": 9391,
"price_eur": 587,
"invoice_id": null,
"mode": "production",
"creation": "2019-05-25 17:51:51"