The status code contained in the response of the API under the "status" label repect the HTTP response status codes. The "success" label of the response contains a Boolean value for a faster analysis.

Main error status code

  • 403 - Forbidden : The information you have provided doesn't allow you to complete the requested action. Check the structure of the information transmitted.
  • 404 - Not Found : The requested resource was not found. Maybe it's because you made a mistake in the url or you didn't use the correct sending protocol (GET, POST, DELETE).
  • 500 - Internal Server Error : This is a functional error of our API. If you encounter this kind of error don't hesitate to contact our technical team through the forum.

Response informations

The errors response data contains four informations :

Entry Data type Description
success Boolean Returns a Boolean value describing the result of the requested action.
status HTTP response Returns the HTTP status codes code associated with the result of the requested action.
title String Returns the label associated with the HTTP response code.
details String Contains a description of the result of the requested action.

Error response example

"response": {
"success": false,
"status": "403",
"title": "Forbidden",
"detail": "API authentification failed. Please verify your API keys."